Mighty Boards

Mighty Boards

Board Game Development Studio

There are few things we love more in life than opening a box full of beautiful game pieces and immersing ourselves in the shared imaginary worlds they project.  We formed Mighty Boards to have the privilege of creating those worlds and sharing them with you.  

Our aim is to make beautifully crafted board games, evoking worlds that generate collaborative stories.  We believe that rules, stories and the visuals and pieces that express them are key to creating a great board gaming experience.  To this end we place great importance on innovative systems, gorgeous graphics and top quality game pieces.  

Mighty Boards is the tabletop board game publishing branch of Mighty Box, a digital game development studio based in Malta. Mighty Boards offers a wealth of resources including: game design, art direction, illustration, manufacturing and distribution contacts and more. Furthermore we collaborate with a pool of international artists and game designers to maximise the quality of all products under the Mighty Boards label.